Engine implementations shipped with NRP-coreΒΆ

This page lists Engine implementations currently available with NRP-core. These implementations provide out-of-the-box functionality for use with NRP-core, and also represent good examples to study for users interested in implementing their own engines. For each engine implementation, a general description of the provided functionality is offered first, followed by the engine configuration parameters, and finally a list of datapack types supported by the engine.

Additionally, in order to make it easier to implement new engines, we propose a way to leverage code reusability: for new engine implementations, interested users can therefore refer to one of the available Engine Communication Protocols. These are Engine templates implementing all aspects of engine client / server communication for a given protocol.

List of available engines:

  • Gazebo : engine implementation for the Gazebo physics simulator

  • NEST : two different implementations that integrate the NEST Simulator into NRP-core

  • Python JSON Engine : generic Python-based mechanism that imports and executes a simulator inside a user-defined python script. Ideal for simulators with a Python API.

  • Python GRPC Engine : This engine is similar to the Python JSON Engine but uses GRPC as the communication mechanism. Compared to Python JSON Engine, this kind of engine has a faster data transfer rate.

  • PySim : engine implementation based on the Python JSON Engine wrapping different simulators (Mujoco, Opensim and OpenAI) with a python API. Based on the integrated OpenAI, NRP supports Parallel Learning using different computation nodes or threads. The detailed processes can be seen on the page of Parallel Learning.

  • The Virtual Brain : engine implementation based on the Python JSON Engine and TVB Python API

  • Data Transfer Engine : engine implementation designed to transfer data from NRP-core experiments to file or the network.

  • Edlut Engine : engine implementation designed to integrate the EDLUT simulator in NRP-core.

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