What NRP flavour is better for you?

By flavour

Online demoOnline platformLocal install (docker)Source installLive USB image
  • Online, no installation
  • Public, no account
  • Interactive
  • Totally automated, no prior knowledge needed
  • Commented, self-explanatory
  • Online, no installation
  • Always up-to-date, no maintenance
  • Decent number of template experiments
  • Servers available 24/7
  • Easy installation
  • No software dependencies
  • Works on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Isolated from your other software
  • Runs 100% on your computer
  • Auto-updatable
  • Access to lower-level tools still possible by accessing containers
  • Full flexibility
  • Completely extendable and tunable
  • Easily updatable
  • Works on all USB bpptable computers
  • No installation required
  • Customizable and persistent on USB storage
  • Easily updatable
  • Restricted to a few demo experiments
  • Usable only for demo and discovery purposes
  • Impossible to add additional python packages for use in transfer functions
  • Impossible to upload custom Gazebo plugins (yet)
  • Changes in containers are lost on updates (not in Models or Experiments folders though)
  • Update might fail if Models or Experiments have been too much hacked
  • Customization is possible but tedious inside container
  • Tedious installation, many dependencies
  • Works only on Linux Ubuntu
  • Might conflict with existing software
  • Has to be kept up-to-date manually
  • Image is updated only on major releases
  • Discontinued from 2.2
  • Does not work on all computers
  • Keyboard and Wifi support are random
  • Slow startup, deĆ¼ending on USB hardware
Installation time 005-10 min3 hours15 min
Recommended for Presentations, discoverySeminars, courses, prototypingMost users with a powerful computerCode contributorsDemos, courses

By audience

Prototype on online platform, proper research on local install (docker) Prototype on online platform, proper research on local install (docker) or source install if much customization is needed (custom Gazebo plugins, custom python frameworks) Source install Online platform

By hardware

Powerful computerPowerful graphics cardLow-end computerLow-end computer and powerful servers
Local install (docker) Online platform or source install (local install does not support graphics hardware acceleration) Online platform Local install (docker) in client-server mode (set the --ip option, type help for options)

By operating system

WindowsMacUbuntu 14 or 16Other Linux
Local install (docker) or online platform Local install (docker) or online platform All Local install (docker) or online platform