Thank you for giving an interest in the Neurorobotics Platform. In this documentation, we will try to make you familiar with the NRP and guide you to start working with the platform.

General goals

The Neurorobotics Platform’s purpose is to offer neuroscientists a tool to perform in-silico cognitive or lower-level neural experiments on virtual Guinea pigs, be them biologically inspired or not. It will, on the other side, provide roboticists with the possibility to experiment on their robots with brain models instead of classical controllers.

The platform will provide them with:

  • Virtual bodies (robots, bio-inspired)

  • Virtual environments to make them live

  • Interactive tools to connect these to a brain model

  • Interactive tools to design and program their experiment

  • Graphical monitors and loggers

This manual will help the users to get comfortable with the Experiment Simulation Viewer. It is divided into chapters that cover the main features. The manual does not have to be read linearly.

Contact & Support

The platform is developed by fortiss, TUM, FZI, SSSA and led by Prof. Alois Knoll and Dr. Egidio Falotico. Until May 2019, Dr. Marc-Oliver Gewaltig from EPFL was also co-leader of the platform development.

General email contact is available through our contact form.

For support, please use our forum. For bug reports and feature requests, please email neurorobotics-support@humanbrainproject.eu or, with HBP credentials, connect to the HBP support portal.