Manage python and other resourcesΒΆ

When designing transfer functions or SMACH state machines, you may want to import functions and classes that are not defined in the body of these specific scripts. Managing the python sources of an experiment is eased off by the Resources tab of the simulation Editors.

The Resources tab gives you access to the resources subfolder of your experiment folder. From this view, you can upload the files with which you want to build transfer functions and SMACH scripts.

In this example, a file named has been uploaded. It defines a python class, namely SquarePathMetric, that will be imported by a transfer function. Below is an excerpt of the file

class SquarePathMetric(object):
  """Class used to handle the metric of the square path benchmark."""
  class PathSegment(object):
      Class used to represent one side of the square.
      It handles the performance of the robot for this segment.
      # Map between pairs of quarters and the vertex in between.
      # This is used to detect when the robot has reached the
      # next segment.
          [None, 1, 0, 0],
          [1, None, 2, 1],
          [2, 2, None, 3],
          [0, 3, 3, None]
      initialized = False
      def getQuarter(self, point):

In the transfer function named benchmark_evaluation, we add the import statement enabling us to use the class SquarePathMetric.

As soon as the change is applied, the import statement from SquarePathMetric import SquarePathMetric will be handled by the simulation.

Note that the files uploaded to the resources folder can also be managed from Experiment files tab, see Clone an experiment and start a simulation.