Edit the simulation

Edit experiment flow (State machines)

This tab displays the experiment automation script when available. Experiments’ lifecycle can be scripted to force events to occur at given times or in reaction to others. An example experiment implementing a state machine is the Husky Braitenberg with automatically switching screens. But you may add state machines to any experiment. State machines are Python scripts which follow a specific syntax detailed in Writing a state machine for an experiment and in the link supplied in the editor itself.

The editor proposes following features:

  • New create a new template state machine. There may be multiple state machine scripts for one experiment/simulation

  • Delete deletes the current state machine script

  • Apply applies the state machine to the current simulation (not saved to experiment)

  • Upload and Download saves or loads from a local script on your computer. Useful to test multiple versions

  • Save permanently writes changes to the (cloned) experiment in your storage

Edit brain

This tab displays the brain model code as a PyNN script (Python). In some simulations where the brain is not defined as a PyNN script, this feature is not available.

Neuron population

You may change the neuron population mapping using the text fields at the top. These populations are referred to in the transfer functions and the names and indices should match. This is not checked by the system. In case of error, the simulation will fail. For details on how to edit populations and brain model, please refer to Brain model or the link within the editor.

  • New list creates a new population in list format

  • New slice creates a new population in slice format

  • Apply applies the changes and resets the brain with the new code

Brain model

You may change the brain model code directly. Beware that the system does not check for consistency As is the case with the other editors, you can download your brain model and upload an existing one (see previous picture).

  • Download downloads the current brain model

  • Upload uploads an existing brain model

  • Save permanently writes changes to the (cloned) experiment