Running the Platform

Make sure nginx is running fine (restart it : it should output [ OK ] ) and watch the error_log.


Then start the NRP backend by using either


You can then connect with your browser:

Open http://localhost:9000/#/esv-private You will be prompted for credentials: default user is “nrpuser/password”. Clone an experiment.

If you want to see experiments that are in “development” maturity (your own for example), add the “?dev” parameter to the url: http://localhost:9000/#/esv-private?dev

Stopping the Platform

To stop the Platform and kill all processes:

  • press CTRL+C in the terminal where you entered cle-start and type


Updating the Platform

This is very easy! Just go to user-scripts and run

cd "$HBP"/user-scripts
git pull --rebase
./update_nrp update --all

And open a fresh terminal to start your Platform as usual. If you don’t provide the optional --all argument, only the core python repos will be updated, which is a much shorter build, but might miss changes in 3rd party software like gazebo. So we would recommend that you just use this argument and get a lunch break while it builds.

Update error?

The update_nrp script will exit on error if you have local changes in the repos. So if you do not want to risk a failure after one hour of build, we recommend that you make sure your repos in $HBP are clean or changes are stashed or committed.