hbp_nrp_cleserver.bibi_config.notificator module

This module implements an utility class for managing notifications during a simulation.

class Notificator[source]

Bases: object

Notification manager for notification created during a simulation.

static notify(message, update_progress)[source]

Forwards a notification to the currently registered notification function.

  • message – Title of the first subtask. Could be empty (example: loading Virtual Room).

  • update_progress – Boolean. Index of current subtask should be updated? (usually yes).

static register_notification_function(notification_function)[source]

Registers a notification function where to forward notifications.


notification_function – The function to be registered.

class NotificatorHandler[source]

Bases: logging.Handler

Log handler that forwards any logged messages to the notificator


Emits the record to the notificator


record – The log record