Software Tools

This section describes tools that proved useful when developing the backend software.


PyCharm is a Python IDE that is among the best suited for developing in the Python programming language. To set up the IDE, do

  1. Follow the steps in Installation

  2. Set up the virtual environment virtualenv

  3. Open the ExDBackend project and set the interpreter to the virtual environment in ...

  4. Install plugins that might come in handy

    1. reStructuredText for editing documentation of the project

    2. VIM for emulating the behavior of the popular text editor (author’s choice).


Enables to run several sessions in the same terminal windows (also in split screen with mouse support). Link (or copy) the example config file to your home directory to enable mouse support

ln -s $EXDB/etc/tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf

To exit the tmux session press <ctrl>-B and d.

runbackend / runbackend4