Run from a bootable USB stick (ISO)

System ISO Image, 1.5GB
Home data folder, 4.6GB


Creating a bootable NRP USB stick (on Linux)

Creating it from Windows or Mac is not described here, but should be doable. The system ISO image is to be "burnt" on the key in a first FAT32 partition labelled "SYSTEM" and the home folder "nrpuser.tgz" is to be uncompressed in a second EXT4 partition labelled "UserSpace".
The NRP-Live-USB stick is separated into two components
which you can download from the above buttons

Formatting the USB stick

The requirement on the USB stick is at least 16 GiB. You can use terminal-commands to manually format it or use 'gparted' to have a graphical menu available.


You need at least two partitions:


Applying the image to the USB stick

Since your USB stick has now at least two partitions (a FAT32 and EXT4) you need to remember which device represents which one (or use sudo blkid for more info). You need to mount both partitions, e.g. like this:
sudo mkdir /mnt/image_partition && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/image_partition
(where sdb1 stands for the FAT32 partition on your stick) and
sudo mkdir /mnt/home_partition && sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/home_partition
(where sdb2 stands for the EXT4 partition on your stick)
For applying the image to the USB stick we recommend the program 'unetbootin' (sudo apt-get install unetbootin). In unetbootin things are straight forward, you have to choose the downloaded .iso file and let it install on /mnt/image_partition. The whole process takes up to a few minutes.
To copy the provided nrpuser home folder simply download it to your home and unpack it in the mounted home_partition:
cd /mnt/home_partition
tar -xzf $HOME/nrpuser.tgz
Important: make sure that the first subfolder of /mnt/home_partition is 'nrpuser'. Otherwise you wont be able to login later on the live system. The copy operation might take forever, depending on your USB stick's writing speed. Get a coffee.
Done! Please unmount all USB stick partitions and reboot on the USB stick.

Running the Platform

CAREFUL: when booting, be sure to choose the first option "Try Lubuntu". You might erase your whole system if you choose another option from the list.
You will be prompted for a login when LUbuntu has finished loading:
Open a LX Terminal from the System tools menu and issue the following commands:
Open another LX Terminal and type:
After some while, it should open a web browser window and redirect you to a page showing the list of template experiments. You will be prompted again for credentials. Give: You can run one of them from here. Though, if you want to be able to customize it and save changes, you rather want to clone it first. In that case, change the URL in the browser from:

Installing permanently on your PC from the USB stick

If you wish to install the full Lubuntu+NRP on your PC, this is doable easily by selecting "Install" from the boot list instead of "Try LUbuntu". Then follow the instructions.
Warning: you are responsible for your data if you install on your system. If you are not confident with Linux installations, this is not recommended if you want to keep your existing system working.

When finished installing, you will have to copy the home/nrpuser folder from the stick to your system's /home and update nrpuser's home path in /etc/password accordingly.