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To properly take advantage of the collaborative nature of that platform, we want to make our computing resources available to scientists worldwide.

We now invite anybody to take a look and apply for an account. We offer three different kinds of accounts for different backgrounds and needs.

(1) If you are curious about the Platform, pick a Basic Access account, you will get quick access.

(2) If you want to be able to launch your own experiments, pick a Test Access account.

(3) If you are willing to join the project on a longer scale, fill out the required document in the Project Access page.

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You want to discover what hides behind Human Brain Project Neurorobotics Platform?

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  • Browse whole HBP portal
  • Watch tutorials
  • Access to the documentation
  • Watch live experiments run by others


You are a roboticist or a neuroscientist and want to test the HBP Neurorobotics Platform?

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  • 100% basic HBP access
  • Launch and edit experiments
  • Create your own shared experiments
  • Live chat support
  • Valid for 2 days


You are a scientist and have an experimental project you would like to simulate on the Platform?

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  • 100% test access
  • Set up your own simulation project
  • Get a dedicated server
  • Live chat and phone support
  • Unique liaison engineer
  • Valid for 6 months